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The professional staff of George W. Henn, Incorporated has represented public and private industry for nearly half a century. During this time, we have grown into a multifaceted firm specializing in the coordination of on-time completion of diverse project disciplines. From project concept and planning through approval and completion, we employ innovative tools including video presentations, environmental education and cost benefit analysis to speed the process and ensure beneficial results. It is our fine reputation for flawless work that has made our designs a model for other firms to follow.


Walter Scharfenberg, P.P., P.L.S. & SR/WA , the President of George W. Henn, Inc. and William Scharfenberg, MBA, Esq. (N.Y., N.J. and D.C.) promote continued education to their staff of licensed professionals belong. It is this education, as well as background on cutting-edge technology, that allows George W. Henn, Inc. to be a leader in this field. As officers in the International Right of Way Association, they have spoken on topics of Environmental Regulations, Engineering Sciences and the Ethical Standards of Company Representation.


George W. Henn, Inc. has taken advantage of every concept available to insure successful approval of its design concepts and proposals. Our professional planners coordinate projects with respect to time constraints, environmental limitations, and government regulations while keeping the client posted along the way.


This dedication to quality improvement, parallels our adoption of the “Best Cost – Do it Right the First Time” method. Following the theory of “Best Cost”, we provide the client with what they want the first time. It is our commitment, dedication and pride to supply the client with highly accurate and prompt professional service.


That is our reason for being here.




George W. Henn, Incorporated was established in 1945 and currently offers complete consulting services in professional engineering, land surveying/planning and environmental study. These services include:


· Feasibility Studies

· Cost – Benefit Analysis

· Project Analysis

· Marina & Riparian Surveys

· Field Survey (Conventional & Aerial)

· Hydrographic Surveys

· Environmental Impact Statements

· Grant Applications with Local, State and Federal Authorities
· Zoning Applications

William Scharfenberg, Esq. (N.Y., N.J. & D.C.) coordinates special projects and assures our employee’s efforts are not wasted. He maintains systems, controls costs, provides financial analysis and coordinates the overall efforts of our firm. He also maintains correspondence with local, state and federal agencies to ensure our proposals are promptly reviewed.

It is our policy to utilize the best-qualified professionals and latest technology, to meet our goal of providing our clients the best possible service.

A partial list of clients include:

· Bell Atlantic, Verizon, Nynex, GTE
· Marina Max – Coty Marine – Ocean Beach Marina – Nassau Realty, LLC.
· Channel Club, Walter Mihm
· Great Adventure, Inc. /Six Flags
· Johnson & Johnson, Inc.
· Lincoln Laboratories, Inc.
· Massachusetts Institute of Technology
· South Jersey Gas Company, Inc.
· Suburban Cable Company
· Teledyne Hastings, Inc.
· United States Army
· United States Coast Guard

 Township Engineers:

Bricktown, NJ
Point Pleasant, NJ
Lavallette, NJ
Mantoloking, NJ

Formed as a division of George W. Henn, Inc., Access Acquisition Associates specializes in professional right way acquisition. These services include:

· Appraisal & Review
· Negotiation
· Land & Easement Acquisition
· Title Examination

Our philosophy is to achieve fast, high quality, cost effective service with on-time completion every time. The staff of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors, Professional Planners, Environmental Consultants, Financial Analyst and Attorney, Draftsmen and Technicians possess a valuable combination of advanced education and diverse experiences that ensures the best possible solution to your problem. At times when outside expertise is required, we call upon associates that are state-approved doctorates, to aid in our efforts.

Successful completion of over forty-five(45) underground directional drilling projects and record setting distances of one mile with the following firms:

Caldwell Diving, Inc., New Jersey
Cherrington, Inc., California
HARCRO Drilling, Inc., Oklahoma
Flowmole, Inc., Louisiana
Miller The Driller, Inc., Iowa
Michael’s Drilling, Inc. Wisconsin


With over 61 years in the land surveying and professional planning in central New Jersey, George W. Henn, Inc. can provide you with an accurate FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate both quickly and for a fair price.

Accuracy is key with FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates because they can save you money on your flood insurance premiums. They are required if you are applying for ICC (Increased Cost of Compliance) funds of $30,000 to raise or demolish your damaged home.

George W. Henn, Inc makes it easy to order a FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate online without ever having to talk with a specialist. Your sealed FEMA Flood Elevation Certificate will be mailed directly to you or your designee and a copy of it will be emailed also. A rate of $519 and a standard one-week turnaround is available for most municipalities in coastal Ocean and Monmouth counties.

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George W. Henn, Inc., helping you from the earliest conceptualization of your project through its development and ultimate completion.

George W. Henn, Inc., engineering and consulting professionals can serve your needs, guiding the process with a high level of confidence.